Friday, 29 October 2010

How to Get Kim Kardashian's TAO NYC Party Look

Hi all! So, one of my all time favourite makeup icons has to be Kim Kardashian - she is just flawless every time, her makeup is perfect and as she is olive skinned, her looks are acheivable for darker skin tones.

She has been spotted out and about a fair bit due it being her birthday, and her look has veered slightly away from her classic smokey eye and nude lip and instead gone for a more glowy, natural look.

I was really pleased to see that her make up artist has decided to post a tutorial on how to achieve her look, especially as the products she has used are a combination of mostly MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay - all products that are readily available in the UK.

So click on the link below to the tutorial and perhaps I will in a future post try to re-create the look using the steps to see if it really is achievable.

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo

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