Monday, 16 April 2012

Insanity Workout Review by a UK Woman!

Hey Cherubs!

I have been trying lots of ways to lose weight and tone up for some time but honestly my will power is none existant! Consequently I haven't managed to lose anything and keep it off consistently! Eek! My job is very sedentary as it is office based, this coupled with generally getting older (in my early thirties if you want to know!) I have noticed some small effects on my health - IBS, feeling tired all the time, bloatedness, skin issues...

Sooooo I decided to kick start my fitness with the Insanity Workout! Yes it is kind of extreme but simply going to the gym wasnt cutting the mustard. So I roped in my husband as a daily support system and workout buddy and dived in.

OK so firstly what is Insanity? Well it is a tough, cardio and resistance circuit training workout that focuses on max interval training. MAX Interval Training replaces your standard moderate intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise, and your short intervals of intensity with short periods of rest. Adding high-intensity exercise, during which your heart rate is raised to 80 percent or more of its maximum capacity, forces your body to use fast-twitch muscle fibers not normally engaged in cardio exercise. These fast-twitch fibers continue burning extra fuel even during lower-intensity exercise.

It is a 60 day program via dvds. You dont need any equipment, just the dvds and the workout calendar. You workout 6 days a week with one day of rest. Each workout dvd is around 40 minutes.

The first day is a fit test, so you can track your fitness levels. Let me tell you, the fit test was super hard! But that was NOTHING compared to the workouts themselves. Insanity is not even an exageration! It is sooo tough! Its so painful I couldn't walk for like the first 3 days of workouts. Literally I was hobbling at work as my muscles were in so much pain.

I am now on the 3rd day of my second week and I am noticing some slight changes - for instance, I am not in as much agony the day after a workout, my muscles and joints are already getting stronger.

Secondly, and this is kind of gross but if you suffer from bloatedness, IBS and constipation (as I know many women do!) this really gets your body detoxing - I mean really! LOL! Sorry just had to share as it is such a relief to get things moving again properly!

I would love to say that I have actually lost some weight too in just over one week but although my official weigh in day is Wednesday I had a sneaky check of the scales and have lost nothing so far (well actually 0.3 of a kilo but that type of fluctuation can happen anyway). One point to note though is that I have not changed my diet at all. In fact due to lots of social stuff we have even been eating out a lot too so I have made no real effort to change my diet. However starting this week, I am going to do so.

In terms of enjoyment, the workouts are in a weird torturous kind of way, fun! Shaun T the trainer is really hot (which helps! lol!) and he pushes you yet encourages at the same time, and his on-camera students are really motivating too, even when they are lying on the floor crying in pain (yes, really!!). BUT the workouts are flippin hard as nails and you really have to "dig deeper" and force yourself to push yourself. You too will be dripping in sweat, collapsing on the floor in agony and screaming, shouting and grunting your way through - if you are doing it properly that is!

If you want to literally kick your butt into gear, get a partner who won't flake on you, commit to 60 days, shut those curtains, check your shame and pain threshold at the door and DO IT!!!

I will keep you updated on my progress, please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Check out the infomercial for a taster!

And check Youtube for some unbelievable yet authentic before and after shots of ordinary people who have completed the programme.

Have you tried Insanity? Would you? Let me know!!

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

Friday, 6 April 2012

Top Ten Best Beauty Items Of the Moment!!

Hey Cherubs!

There have been a fair few beauty items that I have been using consistently recently, simply because they really work well and deliver every time. So I thought I would share ten of my favourites with you!

1. It's a Ten Miracle Hair Mask

Now I have tried a variety of deep conditioning treatments, and none of them have given me the results I was seeking, which is silky, nourished hair from root to tip. I have even tried the famous Moroccan Oil but honestly it didn't do anything for me! Now, just to explain I have very fine, wavy hair, but lots of it! It tangles so easily it's ridiculous. It's a Ten however gave me a fantastic surprise as it truly does what it says on the tin! It has ten USPs which I won't list here but suffice to say it conditions and detangles like crazy. Rough looking ends are transformed. You can buy this at Sally's Beauty or online at Amazon. It is more readily available in the US.

 2. Babyliss Pro Curling Wand

Staying with the hair theme, I am loving the results of my Babyliss curling wand! I bought the larger barrelled wand and it's fantastic in that it takes just seconds to heat up, gets extremely hot and stays hot, it's ionic so gives a great shine and best of all it holds the curl all day. Really. Plus, it takes me 7 minutes to get gorgeous waves all over my head. The only downside is it takes a little getting used to.

3. Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara

Wow. Now this is a true false lash replacement! Simply the best mascara I have ever tried. Very carbon black, perfect formula and a curved wand which cups the lashes. However there is a rather large downside to this product - it is frikking expensive! However if you are fed up with lack lustre performance of drugstore mascaras, spend the extra and you will not be disappointed!

4. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre

I bought this at IMATS this year as it is raved about all over the net. I now see what the hype is about - it's just THE perfect moisturiser for normal to dry skin. It feels so rich but sinks in almost without a trace leaving your skin feeling very naturally hydrated. Again this product is only available online unless you happen to be in France or Canada!

5. ELF HD Powder

I bought this like 3 years ago but that same pot is still going strong. It is the perfect setting powder for the under eye area. It sets cream concealers really well and stops creasing of concealer, it blurs fine lines, and it keeps the area looking bright as it is translucent, rather than skin coloured. Best thing is its only £6!!!

6. Garner BB Cream

I blogged about this a while back, and I still adore it. I use it every day for work as it is the perfect all in one product, SPF, moisturiser, touch of coverup, and generally brightens my skin. An awesome product. I am, however, every eagerly waiting to try the NARS tinted moisturiser which should be out about now, but at around £7 a tube I don't thinks the Garnier can be beaten!

7. China Glaze  Nail Polish in Oxygen

I am still loving this milky nude colour! I know brighter pastels are all the rage at the moment, but there is just the simple freshness of this creamy snow shade that makes me feel sophisticated and on-trend every time. I've almost used up a whole bottle already!

8. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Speaking of nail polish, I still don't enjoy sitting around waiting for it to dry. Luckily Seche Vite has massively helped with that as it is the fastest drying top coat EVER! It's NOT just a clear nail polish, it's very unique in that it actually permeates all the layers of polish to transform the consistency, enabling it to set like stone very fast. And it makes the polish even more glossy so you get a glass like shine. Highly, highly recommend this product. Again I got this from Sallys but I am sure most good nail salons will stock this.

9. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner in Black

Although I love MACs fluid line, the Bobbi Brown gel liner just pushes past the winning line. I think it's the longevity and the intensity of colour I prefer. Also, a little trick is to dip your kohl pencil into this and use it on your waterline for the longest lasting eye kohl. I would love to get some of the other shades..

10. Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation

A very new discovery, this foundation is giving my absolute all time favourite NARS Sheer Glow a run for its money! It's very similar to the NARS but is a little more dewy and natural, and it's cheaper! So far I only have some very generous testers but I am ready to buy it now! I will do a full review once I purchase.

What are your favourite products at the moment??

xoxo A xoxo