Sunday, 31 July 2011

MAC 109 Brush Review

Hello Cherubs!

I have been lusting after the MAC 109 brush for so long now! I recently managed to get it at a duty free price so I really wanted to share my review of it with you all.
I think I got this at around 18 pounds, but the usual price is a little more at 22 in stores.
This is a very hard working brush. It is like a mini, dense, super soft and hard wearing kabuki on the end of a regular long handle. The fibres are natural according to MAC's website although I dont know exactly what they are made of. It has a soft domed tip which is actually laser cut so it is rather perfectly rounded at the top.

At first glance it kind of looks like a brush that you would pass over because it doesnt appear to serve a specific purpose. Its a little small as a blush brush and as a powder brush, its a bit too rounded for a blush brush too and perhaps it more easily lends itself to a small contour brush, in which case you are probably best getting the MAC 168 contour brush instead, right? WRONG!!
This brush is AWESOME for contouring as it really gets into the hollows of the cheeks and as it is so small it ensures you dont get too much matt bronzer on your face so you can easily avoid that muddy face effect.

It is PERFECT for blush as you can get really precise, the bristles are really dense so you can concentrate colour where you want it. It is super soft and gentle too and then you can finish by gently buffing the blush into your cheeks in circular motions.
It is EXCELLENT for applying face powder as again it is soft and the domed tip helps to really get into the tricky areas of the face like around the nose and chin and then you can really buff the powder in to your skin also.

It is AMAZING for applying liquid foundation. Yep, LIQUID foundation. It creates this flawless airbrush like effect if you just lightly tap the brush into some liquid foundation pumped onto the back fo your hand and then either tap and swirl or just swirl onto your face.
This is my new FAVOURITE brush of all time. I just adore it and wish I had bought it earlier. I actually do use it for foundie, powder, contour and blush all in one go in the mornings and it really speeds up my makeup application. I just make sure I wipe the products off between each application. I have washed it a few times and it has barely shed any bristles and goes back to its original shape very quickly.

Which are your favourite brushes??

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

Friday, 22 July 2011

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Liner in Black and Blue Review

Hi my Cherubs!
I recently perused my local Collection 2000 stand at Superdrug and was rather intrigued by their extremely low priced felt tip eye liner pens which were marketed as 24 hour long lasting. They had 3 shades, black, blue and purple all of which seemed very vibrant when tested so I decided to purchase the black and the blue ones. The nibs are really fine and the colours are bright and the consistency is not too watery or too thick. They set pretty quickly too. The black is a nice intense black, it could be a bit more carbon but for 3 pounds I cannot complain! They are so so easy to use it takes me a second or two to create the perfect winged eye liner and as the nib ends in a really fine point you can get really precise.
Now, as for the claim of lasting 24 hours, they are very long lasting and do not smudge once set, HOWEVER they are NOT waterproof. So if you are caught in the rain, cry or have particularly oily lids, they can smudge. The blue is a really gorgeous navy shade and is my favourite out of the two. I wear these almost every day to work and they really do last all day. I actually prefer that they wash off really easily at night. To get them to last that bit longer, I pat a matte black or blue eyeshadow on top.
I would highly recommend these for a really good budget buy. I give them 5 Angel Wings out of 5 and will definately buy them again!
xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

NAKED Cosmetics Review!!

Hey Cherubs!
I was so pleased when I went to the Beauty for Colours and Naked Cosmetics stand at IMATS, as the lovely Joanna Ida Jutkiewicz at Colours for Beauty took her time to demonstrate how the Naked Cosmetics pigments work and I was super impressed, and then even more so when I was kindly gifted a few samples of the Naked Cosmetics pigments and mixes! The pigments are pure, mica based mineral cosmetics which are really finely milled.
I was given 2 pigments, one in a beautiful berry shade and the other in a pale nude gold shade - both are really versatile colours. I was also given the matte eye base:and the glossy lip mix too:
Now these pigments are truly MAGIC!! You can use them as they are, wet with water when they transform to an almost liquid metal like consistency, mixed with the matte eye base to really mute down and mattify the colours or mixed with the lip gloss which produces a beautiful lip gloss shade which is very long lasting on the lips. You can mix them with body oils to make shimmery oil based bronzers, an you can even mix them with clear nail varnish to create nail colours too! WOW!!! And no they dont just look like bits of glitter mixed in with these different bases, they actually melt and pigment each base to really blend. It really is rather magical to watch LOL!!
The Pale Gold Shade - Naturally Nude Collection - NN-01
From Top to Bottom:
Label on the little plastic jar the pigment comes in
The pigment itself
Comparison of the mattified version of the pigment (i.e. mixed with the matt eye base) and the pigment mixed with water
Mixed with water
Mixed with water
On its own
As a lip gloss (i.e. mixed with the glossy lip mix)
On the lips
The Berry Shade - Naturally Nude Collection - NN-05
From Top to Bottm
Pigment itself in the jar
The jar label
On its own
As a lip gloss mixed with the glossy lip mix
Wet with water as a comparison next to the mattified version
On the lips as a gloss
Mattified version
I believe the pigments are sold as a set, so for example the naturally nude collection would not be sold separately and there are 6 shades in each collection. I think the price at IMATS was around 40 pounds but you get the mixes with them too. It seems like a large price but the colour collections are amazing and as they are multi-tasking products they are actually excellent value for money. My favourite way of using them is mixed with water plain and simple as they just kind of melt into this lusious liquid metal consistency - just gorgeous!
You can purchase Naked Cosmetics from
Special thanks go to Joanna Ida Jutkiewicz for kindly gifting the above reviewed products!
xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Kim Kardashian Smokey Purple Mermaid Video Tutorial

MY darling Ceherubs!
Finally I have gotten around to editing the video tutorial I have been promising for so long.
All you need to click on the link which will take you to my Youtube Channel
Let me know what you think!
xoxo Angel5ace xoxo