Friday, 22 July 2011

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Liner in Black and Blue Review

Hi my Cherubs!
I recently perused my local Collection 2000 stand at Superdrug and was rather intrigued by their extremely low priced felt tip eye liner pens which were marketed as 24 hour long lasting. They had 3 shades, black, blue and purple all of which seemed very vibrant when tested so I decided to purchase the black and the blue ones. The nibs are really fine and the colours are bright and the consistency is not too watery or too thick. They set pretty quickly too. The black is a nice intense black, it could be a bit more carbon but for 3 pounds I cannot complain! They are so so easy to use it takes me a second or two to create the perfect winged eye liner and as the nib ends in a really fine point you can get really precise.
Now, as for the claim of lasting 24 hours, they are very long lasting and do not smudge once set, HOWEVER they are NOT waterproof. So if you are caught in the rain, cry or have particularly oily lids, they can smudge. The blue is a really gorgeous navy shade and is my favourite out of the two. I wear these almost every day to work and they really do last all day. I actually prefer that they wash off really easily at night. To get them to last that bit longer, I pat a matte black or blue eyeshadow on top.
I would highly recommend these for a really good budget buy. I give them 5 Angel Wings out of 5 and will definately buy them again!
xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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