Monday, 25 March 2013

Ombre Hair! Review of L'Oreal Wild Ombres

Hi Cherubs!

Its been a while to say the least!

I was getting frustrated with my hair as I had cut it into a "sensible" shoulder length cut fairly recently and gone back to my natural hair colour.

So in one fell swoop I decided to take the plunge and go straight for a hair trend and undo all my sensible efforts with L'Oreal Wild Ombre in Number 1!

As you can see there are 3 options, for dark, medium and light hair.

The kit comes with an instruction pamphlet, applicator brush,  plastic gloves, 3 lotions and 1 conditioning shampoo.

I have to say the instructions were decent but found that their online video was the most helpful to really get a clear idea of what I needed to do before I started. Also before I started I looked at various pics online and decided where I wanted to start applying the mixture - in my case between the ear lobe and the chin as my hair is just below shoulder length. The written pamphlet guide was fairly helpful in this regard too.

The applicator brush was handy to apply the mixture but they could have advised a bit more how to use it more precisely i.e. that you apply less pressure for the gradual effect and then more pressure where you wanted the most concentration of colour. I decided to start with light pressure higher up then more pressure through to the ends with an extra layer just on the tips to really get that graduated effect.

The timings for leaving the mixture on were pretty accurate, as it said 25-45 mins but as I had dyed my hair for years I knew my hair took colour pretty quickly so 30 mins was more than enough.

The colour washed out really quickly and the shampoo helped with that but I have to say that it was nowhere near conditioning enough. I dont know why L'Oreal decided not to give an actual intense conditioner as they do with their normal hair dyes. My hair felt very dry as I was washing the colour out so I put a deep conditioning treatment on it (Its A Ten intensive treatment in case you were wondering - I have reviewed it here

I also applied a few drops of L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil for coloured hair before drying and smoothed a teeny bit more into the ends when drying. My hair felt nicely conditioned after drying so I dread to think what my hair would have felt like if I hadn't taken all those steps.

So anyway here is the end result!

I think I will end up dying it back to my normal colour in a few weeks but for now I am pretty chuffed with my trendy hair!

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo


  1. Thanks for the review !After months of internet stalking, I'll be trying this tomorrow, wish me luck!

    1. Hey so sorry I just saw this - how did it go?? Xoxo