Sunday, 14 November 2010

H&M Nail Varnish Review and NOTD (Nail Of The Day)

Hi my little Cherubs (..ok so I was attempting the whole name your followers thing aka Lady Gaga and her little Monsters.. maybe not so much??) anyhoo I just wanted to talk about my new nail related discovery - H&M Nail Varnishes. H&M have been making nail varnishes for ages now, but I have recently bought a few shades and decided to do a mini review and NOTD.

My three favourite shades are:

1. Dust and Diamonds

This is a dusky, muted taupe colour with no sheen or glitter and I guess the inspiration  has to be the Chanel 505 Particuliere which was released in Spring this year. The muted nude nail shades are still really in season at the moment and I really wanted the Chanel shade when it was sold out, so was glad to see this shade at H&M for a mere £2.99. On to the review:

Colour - did not disappoint and looks almost exactly as it does in the bottle as on the actual nails. It darkened very slightly on drying but overall gave me that taupey nail I was going for.

Application - Fairly thin consistency and the first stroke certainly went on a little streaky, 2 more coats on and I got the creamy coverage I needed.

Longevity - Not great.. at all.. I was a bit gutted as it lasted, (with a Sally Hansen clear topcoat) all of one day before the first chips started appearing!

Overall - 3/5 Angel Wings for this product. That may be a little harsh given that it is a gorgeous colour, good price and of course cute name, but for the same price you can pick up something similar with much better application and longevity from Barry M.

Ok so you are probably asking why I would bother reviewing two more H&M varnishes after writing the above? Answer - Consistency.. or rather the lack of consistency in their formulation as I have found..

2. Summer Coral

This is a mini nail varnish bottle and completely and utterly irresistable at a paltry 99 pence! Stocking Filler ALERT!! I am going completely off season for this as it was THE shade for summer - Corally pink! However, I much prefer girly, pretty colours on my toenails year round - an attempt to feminise a part of my body which I find frankly,odd.. I mean toes?? YUCK! Haha! I would so wear this on my hands in the summer though as it looks killer with a tan.

Colour - Beautiful corally pink.. Again, very little variation when dry.

Application - Unfortunately, sheer, streaky and uneven. Needed 3 coats to get the opacity I required.

Longevity - Pretty much the same as Dust and Diamonds with chipping-galore..

Overall - No prizes for guessing .. a 3/5 Angel Wings for this one. The colour is just too gorgeous, although the application is poor, however, for 99p I can live with it.

3. Envy Me

Envy Me is a truly beautiful emerald green pearlescent sheen varnish.It is really in line with the winter season colours - dark, sultry and ever so Christmassy. Again, such a cute name! And cute price of just £2.99.

Colour - Perfect. Exactly as in the bottle, very vibrant and no different when dry.
Application - Surprise! The first coat was very opaque, not too thin, and no streaks at all. One more coat was all that was needed but as I was concerned about chipping,I went for one more just for good luck and of course a top coat.

Longevity - Surprise Surprise! Lasted a week with very minimal tip wear, 2 weeks and yes it was chipping but nowhere near as much as is normal for me. In fact, it was a bugger to remove this stuff and my natural nails were an unhealthy shade of green for a day after (my fault for not being patient enough to apply a base coat.)

Overall - 5/5 Angel Wings. Would highly recommend this shade although it could look a little kitsch nearer to Christmas (although what would Christmas be without kitsch hey?). Really pleased with the longevity and well worth the price.

It could be that the formulation varies from cream finish to shimmer finish, but either way, for a bargainous price H&M do some really nice colours which are worth checking out.

I, of course, had to choose Envy Me for my NOTD. So here you go (some of you may have also noticed me wearing this in my Sable and Carbon FOTD).. the totally beautiful Envy Me!

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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