Friday, 28 January 2011

Makeup Travel Essentials and Makeup SOS!

Hey my Cherubs! Sorry it has been a while since I posted, we have had some MAJOR issues with the laptop - technology hey?!
Anyhoo I thought I would share my tips on how to travel lightly, yet still have enough makeup to hand to get you through a jam packed holiday. My recent trip was so so difficult to pack for as I had a city break, wedding, trek in cold climates, then beach break in an extremely stylish city (Miami)! And only 23 kg luggage allowance OMG! What a nightmare! I think I managed to really hone my travel packing skills with that holiday! haha! I thought I would share what I actually took in terms of make up. I really want to do a clothes packing post too as that was in some ways more tricky to get right.
Firstly, I went through in my head what my make up essentials were, so I imagined putting my makeup on and what steps I would normally take:
Primer - I would normally apply a silicone primer before applying makeup. Did I really need this on holiday? Well, I would be wearing the makeup in a warmer climate so my skin would be oilier than normal. So I decided it was essential to take this to ensure my makeup didnt melt off in the warm weather.
Foundation - Definate essential and could not leave without it. However, this is in a huge and heavy glass bottle (thanks to Nars), so I decided to decant this into a small, plastic empty hand lotion container with a pump. If you don't happen to have any old containers (and I would always recommend when you use up a beauty product before you throw away the container decide if you can recycle it to take with you for travel or to decant products into) you can now purchase handy travel kits from Boots and even Primark which are very inexpensive.
Concealer - Definately a makeup essential as I do suffer from hyperpigmentation. I took a slightly darker shade as I knew I would pick up a tan. So even if my foundation got too light for me as I tanned, I could at the least utilise my concealer. I used my MAC NW35 which is quite deep in colour and comes in a v handy teeny little pot.
Powder - I was undecided. I could get away with not using the powder as it wasn't hugely necessary but in the end decided to take my MAC Studio Fix powder compact in my hand luggage as, if nothing else, it had a small mirror which would be pretty handy on the go.
Lipstick and lip gloss - I really didnt want to go crazy with this and decided the best option was to take just 2 lipsticks - MAC Angel and MAC Freckletone which are my top 2 nude lipsticks. I didn't think I needed to take any other colours (although I wanted to!) as realistically, I would only wear a full face of makeup on the special occasions such as the wedding and going out for a special meal or drinks in Miami. I took a neutral pinky nude lipgloss in my hand luggage.
Blush - I was really good and took just one shade - Peaches by MAC as it is very neutral peach and went with every type of look.
Eyeshadow - I only took one item - my NAKED pallete by Urban Decay! It is so travel friendly as it has a mirror, miniature urban decay primer potion and 2 colours eyepencils and all the eyeshadows I could need.
Brushes - I took my double ended Stila shadow brush as this has a small pencil tip on one end and a flat shader on the other. I took my foundation and concealer brush which is small and flat. I guess I could have done without this and used my fingers but I really love this brush and find it gives a really good finish really quickly. As theone I have has a short handle I knew I could easily fit it into my washbag. I also took a small fluffy kabuki brush as I could use this for both powder and blush.
This sounds like a lot of makeup but honestly (apart from the pallette) it all fit into a small (A5 size) zip up washbag. Even the brushes fit into it and it was not heavy at all maybe 300 grammes.
Makeup SOS!
Now let me let you into my little Makeup Crisis that I had while away. On the second part of the trip we were going on a 5 day tour to Cuzco. We would be trekking pretty much all day everyday so I decided to leave some of my stuff in the hotel in Lima and take only essentials to Cuzco. I didnt think I needed makeup (conveniently forgetting the New Years Eve party we would be going to in Cuzco)! So as I was getting ready to go to the party, I realised I had only brought the following items with me:
black kohl pencil
double ended eyshadow brush
For a makeup junkie like me, going out to a big party, it killed me to have no foundation and no eyeshadows etc!
So I decided to be a bit creative to still achieve my smokey eye makeup.
I scooped up some concealer onto the back of my hand, and warmed it up by smooshing it with my fingers, then I mixed some moisturizer into it and basically made my own foundation! I applied with my fingers and the concealer also where I needed it and on my eyelids as a primer.
I then applied my peachy coloured blusher onto my eyelids as a neutrally eyeshadow!
I then washed my hands and rubbed my kohl pencil onto the back of my hand to warm it, then i dipped my eyeshadow brush into it and, flipping the brush upwards into my socket area and into the lashlines to create a smokey effect. I lined my eyes with the kohl pencil and applied my mascara.
I applied the blusher my taking one of those cotton wool balls they give you for free in the hotel bathroom and dabbing it into the blusher and onto my cheeks.
I finished off with lipgloss and hey presto! A passable smokey eye and nudey lip full face of makeup!
Hope this post was helpful to you!

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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