Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Deal Alert!! Discounted MAC Cosmetics Available in the UK!!

Hey my Cherubs!!

I really needed to share with you this awesome deal that I stumbled across the other day! As some of you may know, MAC cosmetics are NEVER discounted, MAC never have sales and so the only way to find permanent MAC items at a discount is if you are very lucky on Ebay or at a CCO or other discount outlet, and in the UK these are very, very few and far between!

Well, I was stunned to see that Debenhams online are selling a few MAC items, including BRUSHES!!! at a slightly discounted price!! OMG! I REALLY want to pick up a few things but cannot afford to at the moment, but please let me live through your purchases vicariously and go and check out the range. Just go to and click on MAC.

To top it all off, guess what?? Free shipping (within the UK) for a limited time only!! WOOHOO!! Go crazy guys and share your haul with me!

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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