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Get Your Summer Glow On - On a Budget!! - The best drugstore products for the sun kissed look


I am going to share some top secret beauty tips with you all today! Summer is coming and it is time to get your glow on!

Whatever your shade of skin, when the sunlight hits, you want to enhance the natural glow it gives you. A heavy, matt makeup look is not going to acheive this, instead luminous, highlighted skin that catches the light just so, soft natural gold and bronze tones that sparkle subtley.. thats what I go for anyway!

However what you dont need to do is spend a fortune to achieve this. I have hand picked and tested some really high-performing products that won't cost you the earth.

1. Sugar and Olive Oil Body Scrub

You may be showing a little more flesh when the weather is hot, so you need to make sure it is in tip top condition. Start by using a body scrub which is nourishing yet effective at sloughing off any patches of dry, dull skin. The best and cheapest body scrub is this simple sugar and olive oil homemade scrub. Simply mix equal quantities of olive oil and granulated sugar. Add a good squeeze of honey and a dash of rose water. Keep it in a plastic screw top tub in your bathroom. Simples!

2.  NSpa Indulgent Toffee Shimmer Body Oil

So now your skin is soft and smooth, now you need to lock in the moisture to get a head start on that subtle, bronzed sun kissed effect. This product is a non-greasy body oil which smells exactly like sweet toffee! It is pigmented with a bronze, pearlescent effect. Spray and gently buff into legs, arms, collar bones, shoulders and it makes your skin feel so silky and soft. Best thing is it makes you smell good enough to eat! This little bottle of liquid sunset costs just £1 from Asda!

3. H and M Eyeshadow Duo in Hot Sands

I picked up this eyeshadow duo on an absolute whim for just 99 pence and really wasn't expecting an awful lot but boy was I surprised! This eyeshadow has a fantastic, buttery soft texture and is really, really pigmented. The colours give the most perfect burnished coppery gold smokey eyes and you can even use the lighter shade as a highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones. All you need to do is take a fluffy blending brush and buff the copper colour all over the eyelid and into the socket too. Use the lighter shade on the area under the browbone and in the inner tear duct. Sweep the copper shade under the eye too and smudge black kohl on your waterline and voila! You have the perfect sexy, golden goddess look down. Love this!

4. UNE Sheer Lips Balm

To keep with the hydrated, youthful, beach babe vibe, the lips need to be kept simple (especially if you opted for the sexy copper smokey eye look detailed above). Lipgloss seems like it would be the obvious choice but gloss can be sticky, yet, ultimately drying on the lips, not to mention not always as natural-looking as you may want. Instead try these gorgeous UNE sheer lips balms. They are so moisturising and they are kind of lip perfectors, as they make your lips look like the best version of your own lips - if you see what I mean! The colours are so natural and, well, lip coloured. Just perfect! It is a little more expensive at £6 or £7 however, the high quality, not to mention the sheer genius in being able to produce shades that mirror actual lip shades make it worth it.

5. Osmo Matt Sea Spray

The best thing about hot weather for me, is being able to really relax in terms of hair. I can just wash it, towel dry it and while its still damp, spray one product and leave it to set in the sun into perfect, beachy waves. The wonder product I use is Osmo's Matt Sea Spray. You can get this at those little hair product stands that sell all the Tigi products in the mall, or at Sallys Beauty Supplies or online for around £4!! I love that it gives a matt finish, because for me, beach hair is not greasy looking, but tousled, wavy and textured, as if you just spent the morning surfing! 

6. Rimmel Instant Tan Makeup

Now, my skin tone is around a MAC shade NC42 and I go up to NC44 with a tan, however, I still love to enhance the tan to give it that subtle bronze glow. The toffee shimmer oil mentioned above doesnt deepen the skintone really, so if you want to create a more tanned effect, without splashing out on expensive and time consuming spray tanning, nor spend hours exfoliating and buffing in the fake tan only to get an orange glow, try this little miracle instead! I use the medium shade which looks pretty scary as it is a deep deep dark copper colour, but it really sheers out.  For the face, the best way to use this is to mix a pea sized amount with your foundation or tinted moisturiser and using a brush, buff into your skin. It does contain shimmer so if you prefer shimmer to be restricted, just buff over your cheekbones, sides of the temples, across the bridge of the nose. Trust me on this, the effect on darker skins is absolutely gorgeous. For the body, if your arms and legs have been deprived of sun and you need a little pick me up - get some gloves on and smooth into your skin. The best thing, besides the price (just £6 for a bottle that will last years) is that it washes off!

7. Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades in Way to Glow

If the thought of using instant tan makeup is too much, I have found the perfect glow-maker for you! It is very long lasting and in a range of peachy, rather than golden, tones which very cleverly brighten the skin and give the perfect amount of luminosity for just £4. Think Jennifer Lopez. Collection 2000 is one of my favourite drugstore brands! Between Collection 2000 and Sleek you can get top of the range makeup quality for teeny prices. This 4 shade peach blusher can be swirled together to create that gorgeous flush of colour, or individually to contour and highlight. I use this every single day as, regardless of weather, when I put this on in the morning I look fresh, revitalised and glowy. I honestly will go and stock up on like 3 of these as I never want to run out, I love it THAT much. I just can't fathom how it doesnt streak throughout the day, it just really stays put. It is so unique - please go and try it! The pic below does it no justice at all, go try it next time you are in Superdrug or Boots, trust me.

What products do you use to get your glow on? Have you got any budget friendly wonder products you can recommend??

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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