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How to Wake Up Beautiful!! 8 Amazing Tips!!

Hey my Cherubs!

I feel like I am always apologising for not spending enough time on this blog! So I am not going to this time, except to say that I missed you all! I got the idea of this post when a few weekends ago, a couple of my girl friends came over for dinner, drinks, movies and just a fun girlie weekend. They found my time consuming night time beauty regime completely hilarious but when I explained more they were really intrigued.

This is a guide to some great tips on what you can use before bed to ensure you wake up looking great, which may come in particularly handy for those of you who may be planning on waking up to someone special for the first time and dread that person seeing them first thing in the morning..

1. Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm for Hair by Umberto Giannini

I discovered this around 3 years ago. It is a "first of its kind night cream for the hair" according to the label! I love this cream which smells luscious and is really light weight as it works by adding and retaining moisture in the hair so you wake up with a smooth, glossy, non-greasy mane. I hate waking up with big, frazzled hair and this is an excellent way of keeping the ends tame and healthy looking through till morning.

2. Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc

This is a bit random, but really works! At night, in bed people naturally perspire, so sometimes putting moisturising products into the skin on the body just adds to that greasy feeling in the morning. This product is basically a liquid talc, i.e. liquid baby powder! So what it does is sink into the skin leaving it smooth and moisturised, but dries to an imperceptible powder finish onto the skin! It is beautifully scented of that clean fresh talc smell, leaves no traces on the bed clothes and leaves your skin feeling extra smooth to the touch, but not greasy! Best of all it controls any perspiration through the night so your body looks and feels fresh and smooth, not clammy the next day!

3. Silk Pillow Case

A good friend told me about an organic silk pillow case which apparently prevents wrinkles! Sounds too good to be true? Well it kind of is a myth as it doesn't prevent wrinkles, but what it DOES do, is stop you from waking up with those bed clothes creases on your face from cotton pressed against your face or cheeks all night. In addition, it causes much less friction with your skin and hair, preventing frizzy hair and rough skin, AND doesn't soak up any moisturisers you may have put on your skin or hair, which regular cotton pillow cases do, allowing you to fully benefit from the products! Now you must buy real silk, this will NOT work with satin or polyester! You can buy organic silk pillow cases online from just £20 and they also look and feel really luxurious!

4. Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy

To wake up with soft, kissable lips, you can just keep regular lip balm by your bedside and slick on a bit, simples! OR you can try an overnight lip treatment, basically an extra strength lip balm which sinks in over night leaving your lips naturally hydrated by the next morning! Also simples! Try this Neosporin one which is available online for just a couple of pounds and is really, very effective!

5. Origins Eye Doctor

There are tonnes of night eye creams on the market all claiming to do lots of things. You should find one you like and use it every night, the benefit of using eye cream is obvious, it's a very delicate area of skin under the eye that is prone to over drying and sensitivity. Night is the perfect time to slather a luxurious eye cream to really allow it good time to soak in and activate. I personally love Origins products and Eye Doctor is one of my faves!

6. Origins Peace of Mind

Another Origins product which is a real life saver for me! Since a friend introduced me to it around 5 years ago it hasn't left my bedside table. Ok this isnt actually a beauty product per se, but what it does do is allow me to enjoy good quality sleep, in turn I wake up feeling rested and fresh, which of course has a knock on effect on how I look! I personally don't tend to sleep that well generally, but this is a menthol balm packed full of other natural essential oils and potions which just seems to lift any thoughts or troubles from my mind and lull me into a natural sleep. I rub a very small amount onto the centre of the back of my neck, ear lobes and temples and breathe deep.. Ahhhhhh!

7. H20 Plus lemon

The most embarrassing thing to wake up with? Morning breath, yuck! Good dental care is a must. Make sure even after any, ahem, tiring activities you make the time to floss, brush (teeth and tongue) and gargle before bed. Take a big glass of water with a couple drops of lemon juice to bed and when you wake up in the morning, take a big sip of the water and it will shake the cobwebs off and refresh your breath before you get a chance to brush your teeth again.

8. Sexy voluminous waves created while you sleep!

I mentioned above that big, frazzled hair in the morning isnt my idea of pretty, but what if you could wake up to a controlled yet sexy hairdo? No really? It is possible, And the best thing is you don't need to use any heat or products and it "develops" overnight so you wake up with fantastic hair! All you need to do is tie your hair into a high-ish pony, split the ponytail into four pieces and using two fingers, wrap each piece around your two fingers as if to create a loose pin curl and simply use a bobby pin to pin to the base of the pony. You end up with a cute bun so you still look good going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, just unpin your hair, take out the ponytail and loosen the curls with your fingers and you end up with soft, sexy waves! Voila! If you are not sure what to do watch this fantastic video by Lilith Moon (thats her in the pic above with the hairstyle results!)! You can thank me later!

I hope you all learnt something, what are your top tips to wake up looking gorgeous??

Xoxo Angel5ace xoxo


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  3. Nice tips. I personally use (and love) Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm for Hair by Umberto Giannini... and I have heard of the benefits of using a silk pillowcase, but the other stuff is pretty new to me. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for commenting and sorry it took so long! I am also loving my La Roche Posay Effaclair AI for overnight spot treatment. It literally cleans blackheads, reduces pores and firms the skin overnight! Check out my post on French Pharmacies products xoxo