Tuesday, 8 February 2011

FTIL January 2011 (Five Things I Love January 2011)

I decided to change these regular posts to Five Things I Love, as sometimes its hard to think of ten things haha! So from now on this type of post will be FTIL!

1. 2010 is OVER!!

The main thing I loved in January 2011 was knowing that 2010 was behind me! What a rubbish year. I don't believe that the first half of this year is going to be that much better, but towards the end I am hoping for big things. This is THE year! BELIEVE IT!!

2. Hollister

If anyone has seen me at home recently, they would have noticed me sporting an array of Hollister clothing. Birmingham recently opened a brand new store in the Bullring. If you don't know, Hollister is in the same family as Abercrombie and Fitch but focuses more on casual loungewear. They have this method of brushing their cotton items to make them super super soft and cosy. My fave item has to be the Awesome Butt TrackPants. So comfy, and so warm, yet so flattering! It is like wearing your favourite pyjamas out! haha!

3. Inglot Concealer Palette

As you may know, I picked this up in the States although Inglot have a store in London's Westfields also. I just love that in one sleek item I have concealer from summer to winter, I can contour and highlight and I can use this palette on my friends too. It is just so handy and I adore the packaging which consists of really strong magnets rather than a catch - so stylish and modern!

4. EnKore Makeup

I ADORE Koren from EnKore Makeup he is a Youtube Guru and knows ALL the tricks of the trade. Check out his channel here: I was lucky enough to meet him at IMATS London and took this little fan picture of us hee hee!!

5. Muji

Muji is a Japanese concept store which sells homeware, office bits, some clothing and storage equipment. They have some gorgeous acrylic storage items and so I picked up this sleek transparent acrylic makeup brush holder for just £6. I really want some of their stackable acrylic drawers due to seeing how the Kardashian sisters store their makeup (see pic below) but unfortunately Muji don't have the size of drawers I want and also they are pretty expensive.. *sigh*

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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