Friday, 4 February 2011

USA Haul!!

Hey my Cherubs!
I am a little bit late with this but please allow me to share with you my USA goodies! I just cannot get over the extent of the beauty supplies stores out there! The sheer variety is just mind blowing. Even in Walgreens which I believe is similar to Boots, there was just so so much to choose from. I mainly shopped on Lincoln Road and Lincoln Road Mall in South Beach. I visited Walgreens, CVS, Ulta and Sephora. I popped into the MAC Pro store and also Ricky's. I had saved up to purchase a few items so it was nice to be able to shop without guilt as I managed to stay within my budget!
So here goes:

1. NARS Beauty in a Box from Sephora

Clockwise from left: Ophelia lip gloss (rosey pink sheer gloss), Essential Eye Palette (Unconditional Love cream shadow, Night Star , Galapagos, Nepal, Ondine, Thunderball), Laguna Bronzer (matt bronzer), Orgasm Multiple (multiple use stick cream to powder peachy pink with iridescent shimmer). The sales lady also threw in a Kat Von D lipstick in Cathedral (matt rosey mauve/pink) and two Benefit Bad Gal mascaras in plum and black.

I adore this kit! Why don't we get items like this in the UK? We need to petition to get a Sephora here hahaha! It even comes with 3 tutorials on how to create different looks with the items in the kit. There is nothing to fault, for around £45 I got 4 items from NARS including 6 full size eyeshadows! My favourite although they are all favourites) has to be Galapagos and Thunderball eyeshadows. Thunderball is a matt deep teal, Galapagos is a deep sandy brown with gold flecks. So so unique, so smooth and blendable. The Laguna bronzer is also excellent I would definately re-purchase this. I do love NARS!

2. Inglot

Inglot is basically the Polish version of MAC. So you get a massive range of professional products in all the colours and shades you can dream of, except.. CHEAPER! I am going to do a proper post on Inglot in the future because they are my new love, but for now, let me share their Freedom Palette. You basically fill up your palette with any items out of their lip products, brow powders, brow waxes, eyeshadows or concealers. I decided to get a palette of concealers so I have shades to take me from summer to winter and also allow me to use this palette on other people of different complexions to mine. It cost a mere $25 (around £16) - what a bargain! I have used this so much already! The concealers are gel based and dry to a powder finish.

3. NYX
Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean, Round Lipstick in Rea and Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Smokey Look

I am sure I must have talked about my love of NYX products. They are just fantastic. Exceptional colour range, pigmented, durable and best of all, budget friendly. I bought their black bean jumbo pencil as it is the softest, creamiest eye pencil and is perfect to create a dark base for shadows to stick to. I also got their Smokey Look gloss which is a lovely sheer peachy nude with no shimmer - perfect to pair with smokey eye looks. I also got their Round lippie in Rea, which is a coffee/beige creamy matt colour. Worn on it's own it makes me look like death however, I have nicknamed this lippie the Nudifier as when I wear it over any other lipstick it immediately transforms it to a a more nude version of that lipstick!

4. Wet n Wild
Greed eyeshadow palette, Mega Last lipstick in 902C

The best budget eyeshadow palette EVER! This palette had 75% off in Walgreens so I got it for a mere $2.99! The colours are so pigmented, soft and blendable. Dare I say the matt colours are better quality than MAC matt eyeshadows! I also got the PERFECT nude shade for me. It did have a name but only on the outer packaging so the only code I have for the colour is 902C. It is everything I could ever wish for in a nude lipstick. Pink, peach, beige.. I only wish I had bought about 5 back ups of this colour! (The photo I took does it no justice but you will see me wearing this in many future looks).

5. L'Oreal

Lineur Intense in Carbon Black waterproof, HIP Cream Eyeliner in 930 brown, Voluminous Carbon Black mascara waterproof

CVS had a really fab deal (buy one get one half price) on L'Oreal products so I picked up my fave mascara and also a brush tip liquid liner. I also noticed that this brown cream HIP liner was down to 75% off so I picked this up for around $2! The mascara needs no explanation. The liner is fantastic also, the same great quality as the mascara. Very very long lasting, deepest, inkiest black and the brush is so so thin and flexible yet strong to get really neat top liner and perfect wings. The cream liner is just PHENOMENAL!! Can't believe I got such a bargain! It is soft and creamy and sets so it is completely smudge proof and the shade is the most gorgeous flattering chocolate brown. It can also be used as a base for brown shadows. L'Oreal HIP (high itensity pigments) is a special line of really intense coloured products. I cannot seem to find this range in Boots or Superdrug or anywhere else. Why don't we get this here???! Grrrr! We have Studio Secrets but not HIP for some reason.. Anyway if you spot this range anywhere first, let me know, and second, snap up some gel liners!!

What have you bought recently?

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo


  1. That was a great haul! I haven't been to the US in ages! Hope you had a great time. I could just imagine me in all of those stores now, overwhelmed but ready to buy one of everything too! lol x

  2. Hey girl! OMG! I love the States for beauty shopping and I so regret being so controlled as now I am still thinking of all the great things I didnt buy due to this silly budget, I mean what are credit cards for right??!! LOL! They just have so much variety and at such great prices.. I cannot wait for my next trip! xoxo