Friday, 18 March 2011

IMATS 2011 Haul and Update!

Hey my Cherubs! How I have missed you!
I know the IMATS London 2011 seems like such a long time ago, thats because it was! So sorry that it has taken me this long to get around to posting about this awesome day. Anyway, here goes!

IMATS 2011.. what a day! It started out so well, was hoping to get there for around 12pm, then 20 minutes away from the venue the car suddenly started making a weird rattling noise and thick black smoke started shooting out of the exhaust! We had to emergency pull up onto the hard shoulder and called the breakdown service. After a long wait, the tow truck finally arrived! I then had to convince the tow service man to drop me off at the nearest tube station, which he grudgingly did - the next tube station being a completely random north west zone 6 station It took me an hour and a half to get to the venue! I missed ALL of the shows and was sooo upset however tried to make the most of my time there.
I saw all of the stalls and had a good chat with reps for companies that I hadn't heard of such as:
Kett Cosmetics - US HD airbrush makeup company specialising in base colours.

Fero Cosmetics - UK company aimed at the student makeup artist market dealing in all the accessories, brushes, traincases, sponges and other little bits and pieces. They have also recently branched out into actual cosmetics and I will talk more about this company in a future post as the lovely people at Fero kindly gave me some products to sample.

Naked Cosmetics - US company specialising in mica mineral pigments which do all kinds of amazing things! Again I will go into more detail about this company in a future review post.

TreasureHouse - A UK online company specialising in theatre, stage, specialist and makeup artist professional products. I don't know if you have heard of Ben Nye, he was a very famous Hollywood makeup artist. In his day he was the best in the business. When he retired in the '60s he set up a specialist cosmetics company which focused on the world of movies and the stage. TreasureHouse are the sole UK distributor for Ben Nye. I used my Ben Nye colour wheel in my Natalie Portman Black Swan look here

The Pro Make Up Shop - A UK online company which specialises in make up disposables, tools, accessories etc etc. I got the opportunity to speak to the owner of the company who gave me a real eye opener into the core issues of all make up artists having a good and diligent hygiene routine. Again I will talk more about this company in a future post.

Royal and Langnickel Brushes - A high quality art and make up brush company.
There were lots others too but the above really hit the mark for me.

It was a fantastic networking event too and I met alot of people in the business.
Of course I picked up a few items here and there but I really didn't get too much, only because I am on a strict budget otherwise I would have gone crazzzzzyyyyyy!!! There was so much high quality discounted stuff it was torturous (is that even a word?) to not be able to buy lots.

Here are a couple of pics of some items that I purchased and some items which were kindly gifted to me which I will openly and honestly review in some future posts!

Clockwise from top left: NYX Make Up Box palette, Sleek Molten Metal Cream Shadows, bullet crease brush, flat liner brush, fan brush, long smudger brush, wide fluff brush, angled liner brush and bent liner brush from Crown and Royal and Langnickel, 7 well mixing palette from Royal and Langnickel, Colour Wheel, OCC Lip Tar in Melange, Naked pigments x2, mayyifying medium and lip medium, Fero highlighting cream
Clockwise from left: Various disposable make up tools from The Pro Make Up Shop, NYX Make Up Box palette, Fero highlighter cream, Fero Peru Eyeshadow, Fero Palette, Fero Cinnamon blush, Fero Bronze Eyeshadow

Did any of you guys make it to IMATS?
xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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