Wednesday, 2 March 2011

General Update!!

Hi my gorgeous followers!
I am really just writing to let you know why I haven't been posting that much lately. I LOVE doing this blog it means so much to me, so sometimes I feel that the quality of the pictures that I post are not quite good enough. I really want to invest so much more into the blog so I have really been working on getting some good equipment, especially so I can start the video tutorials which I have wanted to do for a while. I also find that using Blogger as a platform can be a little cumbersome and restrictive so I am working on finding an alternative way of continuing the blog.
To add to that, I also have some wider plans for this little personal journey of mine with makeup and beauty and fashion and well, all things frivolous!
On top of all that, I have some minor skin related issues that I am combatting so that I can feel more confident when I am creating looks and tutorials for you!
Phew a lot of things but what it all boils down to is this: my interest in this blog has not waned, in fact quite the opposite - there are some MAJOR changes coming up and some GREAT things in the pipeline, so please keep checking in, keep telling others about this blog and please know that all the support and interest you have shown to date means the WORLD to me and is really spurring me on!

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo

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