Saturday, 12 March 2011

The BEST Facial EVER!! Mille Et Une Nuits Manchester

Hi Cherubs!
How are you all? So March is in full swing, and as they say it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. So far the weather has been completely crazy, from windy to heavy rain to sudden sunny spells. Hopefully, by the end of the month, we will truly feel like Spring has arrived! So, what better way to get into the "Spring" of things than to enjoy the Spring Clean Facial at my favourite local salon Mille Et Une Nuits in Manchester! This salon is fairly unique as it is completely Moroccan themed, so we are basically talking draped silks, hand carved wooden furniture and Moroccan style lanterns. The most unique thing about this salon is the addition of a traditional Moroccan Hammam bath area at the rear of the salon. When I lived in the Middle East I enjoyed a fair few Hammam treatments which are very similar to a Turkish bath. You basically start off in a marbled or mosaic tiled room where scented steam is released into the room. Once you are relaxed and your pores are all opened up, an attendant comes in to slough away all the dead skin from your body. The treatment is finished off with more relaxing steam time and an oil massage. It leaves you feeling so fresh and invigorated! Mille Et Une Nuits (translation: A Thousand and One Nights) specialises in these Hammam treatments and particular Hammam parties for ladies only.
This time I decided to go for the Spring Clean facial using Swiss Dermyl products. The wonderful Anisa with her magical fingers lead me to the silk draped treatment room, dimming the lights and making sure I was completely comfortable before the treatment started.
She first cleansed my skin to ensure all traces of make up and oils were removed. She then applied a scrub to my whole face and switched on the steam machine. My face was gently steamed for 10 minutes and then the scrub was used to really polish my skin and lift and remove impurities from my opened pores. Once my skin was cleansed of the scrub, Anisa applied a deep cleansing clay mask to my face. When I say that Anisa applied or removed a product onto or from my skin, what I mean is that she always gently massaged and applied pressure to the sinus spots and pressure points of my face and head. Nothing was rushed or unplanned, each step of application she took her time and really worked hard to achieve the best results, manipulating my skin to make the product work harder, and ensuring that I was always relaxed.
While the mask was drying, the steam machine was switched on again for a couple of minutes. Once this was off, Anisa then set to work giving me a fantastic head, shoulder and neck massage. This lasted around 10-15 minutes. Once the clay was dry, she gently removed the clay, again using the massaging movements to ensure every last bit of impurities from the now fully open pores were removed.
Then, for the slightly uncomfortable part! The removal of blackheads. Now, I dont have any major issues with blackheads (thank God!) but I do have some on my nose as the pores are larger on my nose than the rest of my face. I usually try to take care of them with those Biore strips, although admittedly they never quite do the job. Anisa carefully, gently yet professionally took her time and removed as many as she could.
Once the blackheads were removed, she re-cleansed my skin, then used a toner to close up all my pores. Lastly, she finished with a rich moisturiser.
The results were instantly amazing! For a start, I looked like my nose had been replaced with a baby's nose! Ha ha ha! It was just so so smooth, so so soft and no visible pores! I had always thought I just had to live with the fact that I had larger, visible pores on my nose, but Anisa had somehow made them disappear entirely! The rest of my skin was just as fantasticly smooth, clean and more importantly bright and luminous! As I have NC42 skin with yellow undertones, I can look sallow during the winter months when I dont have a tan. This facial however, restored the brightness and freshness to my complexion. Most importantly, I felt relaxed yet invigorated from the treatment.
The next morning, my skin looked and felt exactly the same. When I applied some tinted moisturiser, it went on like a dream! Even my bliusher applied more easily and smoother.
Now, how much for this possibly life-changing facial that took around an hour to complete?
£32. Thats it.
Anisa really is amazing and is just so professional and conscientious.
I, of course, would highly recommend the facial and the salon in general. So if you are ever in Manchester and have a spare hour, go to Mille Et Une Nuits. Check out all their treatments here
xoxo Angel5ace xoxo
FYI I didn't receive any sponsorship to write this post and paid for the treatment at full price using my own cash-mulla! Although I am holding out for a discount next time I visit! Lol!

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