Sunday, 27 March 2011

Smokey Eye Series No 2 - Smokey Blue Denim Eyes

EDIT: I took on board what a few of you said about the pictures and changed one of the pictures for another close up of the eye - see below.
Hi my Cherubs!
I have been busy busy lately with a few upcoming attractions, firstly my WEBSITE!! Woohoo! I have a designer lined up and have been liaising with them daily to finalise the main design of a website which will not only continue this blog, but will also have many other features that I think you will all like! Secondly, video tutorials! So many of you have asked me when I am going to start video tutorials and I am pleased to say that at least one video is currently in production, with another having just been shot today! Thirdly, proper photographs! I am trying to get a level of consistency with the photography, so have been spending a lot of time working out best angles, lighting and camera angles. I also actually want to re-shoot several of the photos of looks that I have created in the past and so I will be updating historic posts. This will happen over the next few weeks hopefully. Fourthly, a Youtube channel! To showcase my video tutorials to a wider audiences I am in the process of establishing a Youtube channel!
I really hope you all enjoy the next chapter in this makeup journey of mine!
In the meantime, here is the next episode in the Smokey Eye Series which I started some time ago. This is my interpretation of a denim blue matt smokey eye. Denim eyes are really in season right now, thanks to MAC Jeanius collection. I didnt use an eyeshadow from that collection but instead utilised MAC Naval eyeshadow which is the most gorgeous powder denim blue shade. I decided to pair the look with a coral cheek and peachy nude lips. I wanted to really show how blue eyeshadow can be completely wearable if you choose a matt formula and stick to the colour on the eyelids and under the eye, with a soft, gentle fade into a skintone shade. Another reason for all you dark brown eyed beauties to wear blue eyeshadow is that it really makes brown eyes POP! Look at the closeup picture at the top of this post, my eyes look almost golden brown against the blue, whereas my eyes normally are a standard very dark brown. In terms of how to create the blue smokey eye, I hope to do a video tutorial of the look very soon so stay tuned for that!

NARS Firming Foundation in Syracuse
Inglot Freedom Palette of concealers
Benefit Erase Paste in No 3
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
MAC Peaches Blush
MAC Strobe Cream as highlight
MAC Freckletone Lipstick (the BEST peachy nude lipstick EVER!!!!)
MAC Paint Pot in Painterley
NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil
MAC Naval Eyeshadow (this is such a gorgeous colour! However, it might be limited edition I am not sure but if it is then NARS China Blue would be a great substitute)
Stila Mineral Matt Eyeshadow (I can't remember the name of the shade but it was a medium brown with reddish undertones. MAC Saddle would be a perfect substitute)
MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow as highlight on the inner tearduct area
Bobbi Brown matt eyeshadow in Bone as highlight (cream colour)
MAC Smoulder kohl
L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara

What do you think of the photos? Which photo do you prefer to really showcase the look? I would love some feedback guys as this is going to be the general format of all photos going forward.


xoxo Angel5ace xoxo


  1. Hi Angy! I love this look! Feedback on the photo's: the first one is awesome!The last photo is very clear and sharp and the lighting looks better then the second one. Great job hun!!

  2. Hi Nina! Thank you so much for your feedback. Your brother is a good photographer! I removed the second photo and replaced it with another close up of my eye instead! xoxo

  3. Ohh wow that's even better! OHHH I love these blogs!