Sunday, 27 March 2011

The BEST Peachy Nude Lipstick EVER!!

picture courtesy of Temptalia
Due to convincing at least 10 people (that I know of!) to buy Angel Lipstick by MAC, I decided to test my makeup pulling power again to see how many people I can get to purchase MAC Freckletone Lipstick!! How egotistical am I??! LOL!
But in all seriousness, I have been loving up Freckeltone for quite a while. If you look back over many of my FOTDs, I wear Freckletone in almost every heavy eye look!
It is a lustre finish, so basically it is one of the most moisturising MAC lipstick formulae. It is creamy and smooth and dries to a slightly glossy, sheeny finish.
The colour itself is all you could ever wish for in a peach nude lipstick! It isnt too peach or coral and it isn't too pink, it isnt too brown and I have NEVER seen another lipstick like it! It is a truly unique shade. For similar skintones to me, it is the perfect alternative to Angel for your nude lippie collection.
The best thing about is that the subtlety of the shade and the lustre finish formula make it so appropriate for work! As its not too opaque you can slap this on without a mirror and you don't need a gloss or even a lipliner with this. Unlike Angel which is frosty and can look washed out without a balancing lipliner against darker skintones, MAC Freckletone can be worn au naturel.
I cannot RAVE enough about this lipstick, go to MAC, swatch it and see why!
Here is an older pic of me wearing Freckletone with a black smokey eye.

xoxo Angel5ace xoxo


  1. So on my lunch today as I passed the MAC store I remembered this i went in and tried it on..the consultant in the store added a clear gloss on top and it does look GORGEOUS!! I will be buying this for sure!

  2. Hey! Aww anything would look good on you anyway!! But yep it is the coolest colour, sometimes I find peach shades can look a bit neon but this is a really neutral shade, it looks so different on compared to what it looks like in the tube. Glad you liked it! xoxo

  3. This color looks so great on you. I love your blog, keep up with the good work. Check out my blog